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Ruggable System Review

The Kamran Hazel Rug

For the most part, I think I'm pretty good at shopping and ordering items online. The majority of our home furniture and décor items were purchased online, sight unseen in-person, and heavily relied on reviews and gut feelings - our couches, dining table sets, artwork, accent chairs, bookcases, ottomans, bed comforters - I could go on and on. I have a full process that I do for online shopping (hmm future blog post idea now), but for some reason, shopping for rugs online is the hardest thing for me to do. Ask my kids. Four rugs purchased and instantly returned before I finally stumbled on an instant keeper - the Ruggable System Kamran Hazel Rug. 'System' being the key word here.


Just a regular day surfing through Instagram when I started seeing popup ads for Ruggable. After repainting our kitchen cabinets a charcoal gray, I was in need of a new kitchen rug that helped tie in all the colors and had a bright dominant base color to keep our kitchen feeling bright and airy with dark cabinetry. Since I was already on the hunt for a new rug, the Ruggable ad definitely peaked my interest. One thing you will quickly learn, the Ruggable rug is not just a rug - it's a complete system! And one doesn't work without the other.

There are a variety of styles. Everything from your traditional to farmhouse to even Marvel rug styles. So for those that love Spiderman and the Avengers, there's a rug for you. I instantly fell in love with the traditional Persian rug style which seemed to fit the modern farmhouse décor style I'm after.

In my attempt to try it out and go outside their instructions, I originally ordered just the Kamran Hazel rug by itself. Thinking I could just order the rug and use standard rug pads I already had, I quickly learned that doesn't work at all! The rug itself is an extremely thin material, so if you're looking for that really plush feel, I don't think this is it for you. Ordering the rug itself, it comes folded up, not rolled. There are four corner attachers that have to stick to the pad, so without it, even when using other floor pads, the rug didn't stick. The rug kept sliding around every time we walked on it and it never laid flat and smooth since it didn't have anything to stick to. Lesson learned.


A week later, I went ahead and ordered the full system rug set. This time, both the rug and pad came rolled up.

Ruggable has two different cushion pads to select from when placing your order: classic (thin) or cushion. My first purchase, I ordered the cushioned pad. Personally, I wasn't a fan of this style pad. Felt like I was walking on a platform every time I stepped on it. Yes, it did feel softer to the feet, but I didn't like how noticeably higher the rug sat on top of the pad. I saw it as an instant trip hazard, not only for myself and family, but for our guests. So guess what, I quickly returned that pad too in replacement for their classic style pad.


The one thing I did not enjoy in my experience shopping with Ruggable was their return process! As I stated earlier, I'm no rookie to online shopping which means from time to time, items don't work out and you have to go through the return or exchange process. Been there, done that, and can write a book on it.

Their process was sooo confusing to me. If you're doing an exchange (whether for the rug or pad) and you originally purchased the system set, they want you to return the entire system set instead of the singular piece you want swapped out. If you do that, you'll forego paying the shipping charge to send it back. However, if you don't, then you will pay for shipping charges. When you go through the online return process, once you click on return or exchange, the very next screen asks you what reason for your return/exchange, but it combines the justifications for both a return and exchange on one page. There's no separate process or page to identify and confirm that you're only returning and not exchanging and vice versa. In my case, I simply wanted to exchange the pad from a cushioned pad to a classic pad. Going through their online process, clicking through the limited choices led me through the return process and not the exchange process. I sent my system set (cover + pad) back per the "exchange" instructions, even called and spoke with customer service to confirm that I submitted for an exchange, yet they only sent back the new classic pad and not the full system replacement to include the cover.

Had to call customer service again to figure out what went wrong and where my other item was. I'm going to blame that I was frustrated/stressed on something else totally unrelated to a rug, it was emo week, whatever, but this time calling customer service, it's a lady on one end trying to explain things to me, while I'm on the phone crying explaining how frustrated I was. I can laugh about it now, but at the time, I'm sure the service rep was like, 'what in good heavens is wrong with this customer?!?' LOL. I am not one to cry over a darn rug or a mistake made to an order, but in that moment, I was quickly losing interest with continuing business with them.

Obviously, in the end, all was good: my items eventually arrived and once things were laid down in the kitchen, I quickly forgot about the entire debacle. My tip here would be to carefully select your rug cover and type of pad you want from the very beginning to avoid any confusion or mishap in the return/exchange process.

  • It's a washable rug (hence why they're thin material)! Perfect rug for pet owners, those with kids, or for high-traffic areas. Make a mess, unthatch it from the pad and throw it in the washing machine.

  • Rug covers are interchangeable which means you can switch up your style in no time.

  • The rugs are spill/stain-resistant.

I ordered two of the rugs below for our kitchen, one in the galley area by the oven and the other in the kitchen sitting area:

Ruggable Kamran Hazel Rug (5' x 7') -

One thing you will quickly learn, the Ruggable rug is not just a rug - it's a complete system! And one doesn't work without the other.

I've only had my rug for a few weeks now. At this time, I haven't had to wash it, but hopefully there won't be any issues when it is time to wash it. I feel like my phone camera can't quite capture the true colors of the rug, but it is a beauty. For me, it is aesthetic plus functional, so it's a win. I probably wouldn't order it for other areas in my home, but for the kitchen space, I find it to be the perfect solution.

If you have a Ruggable run, I've love to hear which one you have and how it's been working for you in your home space. And if you have any questions, feel free to drop them below.


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