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Creating A PVC Accent Wall

One thing that I loved about updating our downstairs hallway nook and what I hope to communicate by sharing a lot of my home projects, is that not every DIY project requires the use of power tools. In this case, you can achieve a high-end look with just a paintbrush, adhesive, tape measure, and a razor blade.

So I originally scoped this project out in December when I was preparing to be on vacay for two weeks. Got sick and this project totally got derailed till now. During my project scope, I was also mindful that I wanted to give my husband a break from my DIY shenanigans - he’s my go-to for any saw cutting, measurements, and wood installs, so this needed to be something I could do on my own.

I didn’t want to spend too much money and I wanted to make use of any leftover supplies I already had. I had a ton of leftover paint from the man cave project, so that was an easy decision to paint the accent wall #Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams. I spent a good deal just researching for wall inspo designs. I was originally going to play it safe with the wall designs, keep it simple, go with an “expected look,” but because the wall space is small and sort of tucked away, it was the perfect opportunity to do something unique and bold, hence the chevron or herringbone wall pattern.

There are one of two ways to get this look: (1) measure, go buy the wood, cut the wood into whatever design you desire, nail the wood, and paint over it. Or (2) Buy pre-made decorative PVC wall designs like what you can find here at Home Depot: Bradley Decorative Wall Art Panel, the Marrakesh Decorative Wall Panel, or the Strymon Decorative Wall Panel. There's a ton to choose from.

I purchased my pre-made PVC wall panels from #Etsy from the store #home_art_stickers and they too offer a large variety of PVC wall designs. They can do custom measurements and their customer service is superb.

The panels come in either white, gray, or a black color. I knew I wanted to paint over them so white was the best option.

Choosing to use PVC panels was the best option for me, because PVC is very lightweight, yet durable. Easy to cut with a razor blade if you need to trim or cut off any excess to fit into your space, which I could do on my own. Just use a ruler or straight-edge to line it right.

In your package, they also provide the materials to adhere the panels to the wall. However, you can use nails, double-sided tape, or nail glue. I used what they provided.

In this process, I don't think there's a right or wrong way, but definitely an easier and harder way. I think I chose the harder way, per usual.

Step 1: My first step was painting the accent wall Peppercorn gray.

Step 2: Next, I started from the top left corner to place my first panel and worked my way down. After the first column, I just randomly selected where I wanted to start on the next column.

Once I adhered the non-painted PVC panels to the wall, then I followed up by painting the panels the same color as the wall. That was the hardest part trying to get in between panels and paint over and underneath every angle and side so no white would show. I should have painted the panels BEFORE adhering them to the wall, it would have been much easier and faster going that route. So I highly recommend you paint everything before hanging anything up.

I had to cut the bottom two panels, obviously, because its full height wouldn't fit. Using a sharp razor blade made for an easy cut.

Once the panels were up and the paint was dry, then I came back to do any paint touch-ups on the wall, panels, and baseboards.

Lastly, placed all the decor pieces together against the wall to finish out creating the feature accent wall. Sharing all my sources below.

I love that the panels have created texture and added style to the space. Even if I removed the console table and everything else, the accent wall can still stand on its own.

This is a quick, easy, and inexpensive project I highly recommend you try on your own. Let me know how it goes.



Feel free to drop a comment or question below about this project or any of the sources. If you try it out, share your end results below.

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