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5 Budget Friendly Changes for a Room Refresh

I say this all the time, tackling to transform a house into a home is not done overnight, not in a month, not even in a year for many. It really takes TIME. And it can be very overwhelming if you're starting with a blank canvas with a full house to curate into your own. Well what if you've been in your home now for years and you're just looking to spice things up and reenergize your spaces. Whether your home is brand new and you're looking for inspo on where to begin or if you've been in your home for what may feel like a lifetime to you, I'm sharing five easy, quick, and budget-friendly changes you can do that will uplift and refresh any room in your home.

And I'll start with my favorite and most frequent 'go-to' room refresh method.

1. Paint

As simple as it sounds, paint is the quickest and simplest method to revitalize any space. If you really want to go deep, there is such a thing called room color psychology. Colors evoke moods and feelings when you enter into spaces, so think about how you want to feel in your space - bright and cheery, calm and relaxed, or powerful and regal. I'm not going to go all the way into it, but this color palette of psychology by Stoneside is very helpful to read if you're interested.

There are a ton of paint brands to choose from that can fit in any budget. My go-to brands for the last seven years have been Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Other brands that I've used in the past and work really well are Valspar and Behr paint. For a good $35, you can purchase a gallon of Behr paint - perfect to hit an accent wall for a pop of color or to paint a bathroom. Adding nothing but a paint color will instantly change your space aesthetic and how you feel in it. Depending on the size of the room you're refreshing, you can have it fully painted in as little as a few hours in one day. You don't even have to break the bank or lose an entire weekend for that quick room refresh simply by using a paintbrush.

View of our dining room painted in Benjamin Moore Acadia White

2. Replace Light Fixtures

We have practically replaced all of our light fixtures throughout the house. I think we have about four more to go before we're completely done. Changing light fixtures is another simple update to change the look and feel of a room. I'm sure everyone is familiar with those builder-grade 'boob lights' that seem to come standard in just about every house - for every room. Just google it and you'll know exactly what I mean. I guess they're the best of a very, very basic look. But if you're looking to add some style and personality, the choices for light fixtures are endless. And there are a ton of beautiful options out there at affordable prices. For instance, our replacement wrought-iron foyer chandelier was about $100.

Of course, there are big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe's to shop for a new light. Some alternative options that are my fav and where I've purchased from before are,, and Shades of Light. Sign up for their email alerts to receive a discount on your first purchase. I look for savings at every opportunity.

It's another cost savings if you can do the work yourself replacing light fixtures or you have a family/friend willing to help out. Even if you have to look for a professional electrician to do the work, it's well worth it. Lighting is that extra detail to button up the room.

View of our updated downstairs hallway light fixture and updated foyer chandelier

3. Update Cabinet Hardware

Another opportunity to make simple changes would be to replace and update all of your cabinet hardware - be it in the bathroom or the kitchen. Choose between a variety of pulls and knobs for drawers that just as much range in colors, styles, sizes, shapes, and prices. Again, you don't have to spend a lot here to make a difference.

The same T bar knobs I purchased for our kitchen replacement handles are the same ones I'm using in all the bathrooms to replace the standard builder-grade knobs. These handles were purchased on Etsy.

4. Add Color

I'm not talking about painting in this instance, I'm talking about adding color through your decor accessories, which can be a quick and easy process to give your room a little color boost. That could be adding artwork to your walls. Adding pops of color through your pillows, rugs, or throw blankets. Even having a bouquet of fresh and colorful flowers sitting out will add color to a space. As we start to approach the spring season, you may want to incorporate a spring-like vibe in your space by adding yellows, pinks, whites, and greens. Those pieces can transition to burnt oranges, browns, and taupes for the fall season without you having to redo your room completely. It's an easy way to regularly freshen your space on a budget.

5. Shop Your Home

Often we already have items around the house that probably aren't getting the love and attention they should. Before running out to the nearest store to buy a rug, look for a new lamp, or order a coffee table, shop your home. Perhaps there's a lamp in a bedroom that could be moved into the family room. Maybe you have a rug in a bedroom that could be switched out and placed in the kitchen. Maybe you have some bookshelf decor items collecting dust in one room that you could move and highlight in a better living space. As you move these items around, they'll bring a fresh perspective and new light as they take up space in a new living area. The best part is the cost to shop your home is 100% free.

Similarly, try rearranging your furniture in a space. Changing the layout and placement of furniture will make the space feel new again and make you feel excited about the change in flow in the room. Nothing has to come out of your wallet to refresh your room using this tried and true method.

Have any more room refresh tips and ideas? Questions for me? Drop them below.

This season, I challenge you to take on at least one room refresh using one of the methods described above - or if you have another preference - that's fine too. I'd love to see what you come up with to freshen your space and reenergize your mood, enjoying and living in it.

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